UPBEAT’s Best New Talent Award directs
the limelight to Europe’s upcoming artists.


Zarina Prvasevda

We are thrilled to announce that Zarina Prvasevda, the upcoming Macedonian singer, receives UPBEAT’s Best New Talent 2023 Award, based on a rundown of votes. Zarina’s soulful interpretation of her native folk heritage and openness to global influences has recently captured audiences at BALKAN:MOST, SHIP and Budapest’s A38. 

As a winner she performed at vibrant and vogue PIN Showcase & Conference in Skopje, and also recorded a videoclip in Paris by Blogotheque in their coveted Take Away Show. 

Balancing her rich heritage with authentic self-expression, Macedonian artist Zarina Prvasevda found her own voice on her long-awaited debut album, Eho. Her vocal technique is rooted in Eastern European and oriental traditions, which she combines with instrumental and rhythmic diversity. The surprisingly mature debut album takes inspiration from nature, collaborations with like-minded artists and Macedonian grandmothers she collects stories and songs from. A heartfelt and fresh take on Macedonian heritage, Eho features 11 traditional songs in 4 different languages. As an artist not limiting her engagement to music, Zarina is known for joining the effort to declare Shar Mountain to become a National Park, besides genre-crossing artistic collaborations and bringing the Macedonian heritage to an ever wider audience.


Zarina Prvasevda - A Take Away Show

Nominees of Best New Talent Award 2023

Best New Talent Award 2023 playlist

Dive into an exclusive selection of songs from the Best New Talent Award 2023 nominees, and let their captivating melodies and diverse genres introduce you to the future of music.

Photo Credit: Konstantin Kondrukhov

UPBEAT Best New Talent Award nominees have the access to mentoring activities to develop their skills and competencies to help propel their international careers! 

The winner got the chance to perform at vibrant and vogue PIN Showcase & Conference in Skopje, as well got a live video produced by Blogotheque in their coveted Take Away Show. All this to help them gain a foothold on the international market.

The Jury

Our expert jury consisted of renowned music professionals, critics, and industry insiders who carefully evaluate the nominees and help determine the winners. They brought their extensive experience and expertise to ensure the integrity and fairness of the award. They have selected 10 out of nearly hundred artists who have featured at any of UPBEAT’s member festivals throughout the year.

Araceli Tzigane

Mapamundi Música / Mundofonías / Transglobal World Music Chart

Araceli Tzigane began her activities related to the dissemination of world musics in 2000, out of an irrepressible need to share with others the sounds that brought her so much happiness. This has been the driving force behind all the initiatives that were to come.

She is the owner of Mapamundi Música, a management and booking agency created in 2007, specialiced in music from the peoples, mainly acoustic, settled in Spain and working worldwide. Mapamundi Música also support artists in developing their speech and facilitating their access to the decision makers and to the public. She also publishes a monthly magazine with interviews and news of interest for the global community working with these musics. She is also founder and administrator of Transglobal World Music Chart. Mapamundi Música is a founder member of the European Folk Network, of which Araceli is a member of the board.

Balázs Weyer

Director of Programming
Hangveto / Budapest Ritmo / MOST / Upbeat

Ethnomusicologist and director of Hangveto, a world music production company in Hungary and the larger region. He is curating several festivals, including Budapest Ritmo. He is the artistic director of Creative Europe project ‘MOST’ and is representing the city of Veszprem in the UNESCO Cities of Music network. He is a curator of several festivals and showcases and a member of the World Music Charts Europe jury. He is also a producer and music consultant of movie and TV soundtracks, a documentary maker, a music journalist and the chairman of Music Hungary, the music industry association of his homeland. He is a European Capitals of Culture consultant for cities on cultural development projects.

Chris Eckman

Musician, producer, soundtrack composer and co-founder
Glitterbeat Records

Musician, record producer, and co-founder of Glitterbeat Records, a label “built upon sounds and artists that transcend cultural pre-conceptions and genre specificity”. Over the last 25 years Eckman’s band, The Walkabouts released nearly 20 albums. He produced over thirty albums for artists like Tamikrest, Aziza Brahim, and more.