Lenhart Tapes

is nominated for the UPBEAT Awards 2023 in Best New Talent category. 


About the Nominee

Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator mostly known for his unforgettable live performances. Yes, walkmans are his musical instruments, and he does a live mix of selected material from his cassette collection on top of the rhythmic loops.

“I have been a passionate collector of audio cassettes for a very long time. Field recordings, rare folk music, spoken word and sound propaganda material, various musical genre albums – you name it, I probably have it.” Lenhart Tapes started with incorporating live female folkie vocals into a bunch of cassette-sampled noise.

As collaborating singer Svetlana Spajić puts it: “Lenhart brings to life also those voices that came to him from forgotten old singles and cassettes. Many could learn from Lenhart’s approach. This is perhaps the main reason why his music is irresistible and why it is a living tradition”.


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Best New Talent 2023