Suonno D’Ajere

is nominated for the UPBEAT Awards 2023 in Best New Talent category. 


About the Nominee

United by their love for Neapolitan vocal tradition, the trio making up Suonno D’Ajere come from musical backgrounds spanning jazz, classical and pop. Together they create and recreate the Neapolitan song, a heritage spanning centuries and never losing its expressive power. Irene Scapato releases a vocal range as bewitching as fundamental, accompanied by guitar and mandolin skilfully played by Gian Marco Libeccio and Marcello Smigliante Gentile: “A trio that breathes together from the slightest to the fullest whisper.” Each sound, pluck and resonance is meaningful, encapsulating a vastly rich heritage in songs that are splendidly simple: voice, mandolin and guitar.


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Best New Talent 2023