UPBEAT’s Best New Talent Award directs the limelight to Europe’s upcoming artists. 


Zarina Prvasevda

We are thrilled to announce that Zarina Prvasevda, the upcoming Macedonian singer, receives UPBEAT’s Best New Talent award, based on a rundown of votes. Zarina’s soulful interpretation of her native folk heritage and openness to global influences has recently captured audiences at BALKAN:MOST, SHIP and Budapest’s A38. 

She records with Blogotheque in their coveted Take Away Show as part of her prize as UPBEAT’s Best New Talent in 2023.

As a winner she will get the chance to perform at vibrant and vogue PIN Showcase & Conference in Skopje as well.

Balancing her rich heritage with authentic self-expression, Macedonian artist Zarina Prvasevda found her own voice on her long-awaited debut album, Eho. Her vocal technique is rooted in Eastern European and oriental traditions, which she combines with instrumental and rhythmic diversity. The surprisingly mature debut album takes inspiration from nature, collaborations with like-minded artists and Macedonian grandmothers she collects stories and songs from. A heartfelt and fresh take on Macedonian heritage, Eho features 11 traditional songs in 4 different languages. As an artist not limiting her engagement to music, Zarina is known for joining the effort to declare Shar Mountain to become a National Park, besides genre-crossing artistic collaborations and bringing the Macedonian heritage to an ever wider audience.


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